It’s almost Tuesday and you realize you have nothing to do.  Well, I have something for you to do…SmartAss Trivia at Wise Guys in Syracuse starting at 7:30pm.  This awesome night is hosted by Steve Patrick and it’s a fun time, close by and they have beer there!

Everyone getting ready for Question One

I wanted to know what it was like first-hand so I participated in the trivia night last Tuesday.  Last Tuesday’s theme was James Bond and I’m not so “hip” to all of the cool facts on Mr. Bond, James Bond but I still had lots of fun.

When I walked in I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do first; luckily everyone there was so helpful and they led me to step one.  (Step One) My friends and I had to come up with a team name and sign up how many players we had with us on our team.  We grabbed a stack of post-it notes and we were off to our table.

Our Team Name

Before we knew it our first question was being asked.  Of course we had no idea what the first answer was but at least we were able to follow directions (they are very complicated so pay attention!)

  • Steve asks a question
  • You write down the answer on a post-it
  • Bring the post-it with your answer & team name up to Steve
  • Steve then tells you the answer

Wow! Man, I hope you got all that.  : )

There is a different “theme” each week to most of the questions and some general trivia questions are thrown in there for the fun of it.  There are three rounds: one at 7:30, 8:30 & 9:30pm.

It doesn’t matter if you know a ton about the trivia in question or not – it is still a ton of fun.  There are fun prizes also! (Can’t believe I almost forgot that part.)

All you SmartASSes, check out this week’s theme here and stay involved on their Facebook Page for each week’s theme!

  1. It was a fun time but I didn’t realize it was your first visit; I thought you were a regular. It broke me out of my comfort zone a bit but now it’ll take me some time to get back into another groove. lol

  2. Well this is just awesome,I appreciate the rave reviews! A lot of other nights are very scripted and bland,I try very hard to make mine fun for EVERYONE! Hope I see you gals this week,we take on professional wrestling,exotic food,and Disney princesses!

  3. […] received an invite from my friend Sunny, the one who last year tried to kill me in a trek at Green Lakes, to break out of my mold and […]

  4. I am sooo humbled by this,such an honor…hope you come see me again and again!! Find me on Facebook at SMARTASS TRIVIA,or on WISE GUYS COMEDY CLUB,or STEVE PATRICK,you will get clues and chances to win points or drinks,sooo fun!! SMARTASS TRIVIA loves “WHAT’S UP IN SYACUSE!!”.

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